Our History


Khatera Property Management Group is under Make it Brilliant Move, Inc, a company established by one of the most sought after real estate brokers in the country, Khatera Osman.

Khatera believes in the power of real estate investing. In fact, over the last decade, she have worked on many different real estate deals, using different investing strategies. Currently, her focus is on Multi-Family Apartment, thus the birth of Khatera Property Management Group.

Over a decade, Khatera Property Management Group has been managing properties in the Durham Region and Northumberland area. Our mission is to provide safe and clean homes for tenant and help landlords have a piece of mind. We manage Apartment Building, Commercial Properties, Single family homes, Condos etc.

Khatera Property Management Group has partnership with local agencies and property owners that allows us to help build successful tenancies in our community. 

Let us Help you, Make a Brilliant Move.