Welcome to Marbella summer!

June 29, 2022

If you and your family are considering taking the leap and moving abroad, one of the first things you will need to think about is how you will be spending the holidays! And did you know that summer is considered one of the most loved holidays of all time? 

So how would you spend your summer days in a new country? The most obvious answer – and one that is becoming increasingly popular – is to take any uncertainty out of the question altogether and simply move to your dream holiday destination! 

Marbella is among the most sought-after locations for a perfect summer destination. Here are a few reasons why the south coast of Spain is one of the best places in the world to enjoy summer at home with your family.


It’s one of the first elements on everyone’s holiday wishlist. The name “Costa del Sol” literally translates as “coast of the sun”, and famously offers wonderful weather all the year-round. Temperatures rarely dip below the regional average of nineteen degrees Celsius, with the coldest time being in January, just dipping to eleven degrees. If you live in Marbella, there’s no need to escape to somewhere warmer; the sun, sea and sand are right there with you!


Once you’re all moved in, the opportunities to immerse yourself in the rich Spanish culture will begin! Fetes and festivals occur almost every month, and the whole country is steeped in religion and famous for its traditional music and unique craft industries. The history of the Costa del Sol is a complex patchwork, with resulting North African and Arab influences seeping into its beautiful architecture and cuisine. Speaking of which…

Wining and Dining

Seafood is one of the main culinary attractions of southern Spain, but richly spiced fare and exotic ingredients are also common thanks to the area’s diverse neighbours. Spanish wine is celebrated for its quality the world over – and, of course, you simply can’t forget about sangria! For the grownups, the nightlife in Marbella and the surrounding areas is well known for its vibrancy.

Environment and Adventure

Whenever the Costa del Sol is mentioned, golden beaches and azure seas are often the first images that spring to mind. Against this backdrop, family members of all ages can try their hand at watersports, beachside activities and plenty of sunbathing. However, there is so much more to the area. Nearby mountain ranges tower behind the coastal towns – explore the Sierra Blanca and the Sierra de las Nieves, green and white peaks that are superb for hiking and climbing. There are plenty of nature reserves to visit, and the bustling urban centres give way to quaint fishing villages and ancient hillside towns. You’ll never run out of new discoveries.


The Spanish coast is a superb destination in its own right, but if you still feel a sense of wanderlust, the surrounding lands are not to be missed. From the bottom-most point of Spain, you can see northern Morocco across the ocean. Take a trip to North Africa to enjoy the incredible culture and superb weather, cross the borders into France or Portugal or venture further east towards Corsica or Italy. Spain really is right in the heart of Europe, so there are endless opportunities for new experiences.

Of course, starting a new life abroad is not without its heartache. Luckily, Málaga airport is only a short distance from the centre of Marbella.

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